Kintargo, also known as the Silver City, is a northern Chelish city situated on Nisroch Bay at the mouth of the Yolubilis River, in the Archduchy of Ravounel. It is the main harbor for ships heading north to Varisia and west to Anchor’s End. Unprotected by any natural barriers, the city and its citizens are among the most cosmopolitan in Cheliax, and the infernal influence so prominent in other Chelish cities is not nearly as noticeable in Kintargo.

This also makes the city a convenient home for those looking to overthrow the government, and after instigators of the Glorious Reclamation fostered open rebellion in southeast Cheliax in 4715 AR, House Thrune installed inquisitor Paracount Barzillai Thrune as the city’s new lord-mayor and established martial law.

Kintargo sprawls from the Yolubilis River’s northeastern shore onto part of Argo Isle in the river’s mouth. Its summers are warm and humid, followed by long, cold, and rainy winters.

The city is divided into north and south ends by the Yolubilis River, with the two halves connected by Bleakbridge. It is further divided into eight districts:

North Kintargo
The Greens, its noble district at the city’s northeast border. The Silver Road leads out of this district’s eastern gates.
Schools make up much of the Villegre district in northwestern Kintargo, including the famed Alabaster Academy.
Yolubilis Harbor lines the southern shore of northern Kintargo with merchants, with Bleakbridge itself doubling as the city’s main marketplace. The northern Nightways Gate is rarely used except to welcome visitors from Nidal on the Night Road.

South Kintargo
The Castle District fills the northwestern point of southern Kintargo and hosts the city’s seat of government in Castle Kintargo.
Jarvis End, just west of the city’s southern center, hosts its vibrant nightlife, and the Kintargo Opera House is its centerpiece. Barzillai Thrune has taken over the opera house as his residence. Aria Park, immediately south of the opera house, is the city’s largest public meeting space.
Old Kintargo, on the west end of south side, borders the river’s western fork. Much of the city’s salt trade and shipping operates from this district, including the Sallix Salt Works. Ravounel Road leads out of this district’s broken southern gate, also known as the Salt Gate.
The southeastern Redroof district features residential and commercial buildings, including Kintargo’s tiefling slums.
Temple Hill, east of the southern city center, is anchored by the Temple of Asmodeus.
Kintargo is a cultural capital famed for its art and entertainment, particularly the Kintargo Opera House.

While the official Church of Asmodeus is Kintargo’s most prominent, Temple Hill also hosts temples for a few other state-approved faiths, including Zon-Kuthon, Abadar, and Shelyn. Until the seditious acts of the Glorious Reclamation, even worship of Iomedae remained legal, if rare.

Since enacting martial law, however, Lord-Mayor Thrune mandated the registration of all worshipers of Shelyn and monitoring of all Shelynite religious services. Worship of deities aligned with freedom or rebellion—including Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Desna, Milani, and Sarenrae—are strictly outlawed. The Silver Star shop and popular Sarenite shrine, owned by local opera star Shensen, was burned to the ground during the Night of Ashes, when agents of Barzillai Thrune also attacked local cults devoted to Milani and Irori.

Much of Kintargo’s past is unknown, in part due to suspected tampering with historical documents and records by agents of House Thrune. Scraps of information remain, such as the city’s unknown connection to the local dragons Adrakash, Ithanothaur, and Rivozair; stories of the serial killer Professor Mangvhune; and the strange patterns of the Church of Asmodeus’s Devil’s Bells.

Presence of the Chelish Navy
As a major port, the city is frequently visited by ships of the Chelish Navy, which tend to exert a pall over life in the city. Seeking to give the naval commanders and crew a good show, former Lord-Mayor Jilia Bainulus tended to enforce the dictates of church and state before relaxing all that nonsense again after they departed.

Martial law

Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune taunts Kintargans.
House Thrune placed Kintargo under a state of martial law, forcing former Lord-Mayor Bainulus out of power around the beginning of Arodus in 4715 AR. Bainulus has since gone missing.

Night of Ashes
In late Arodus, 4715 AR, Barzillai Thrune’s agents attacked dissident groups and members of Sarenrae’s and Milani’s faiths, killing several leaders and burning buildings. The sudden attack is locally known as the Night of Ashes.

Barzillai Thrune’s proclamations
Lord-Mayor Thrune quickly started issuing binding proclamations to Kintargans, enacting seven in his first two weeks alone. This includes a daily curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The dottari rewards those who kill doves, mice, and ravens with one copper piece.
Businesses must display a portrait of Queen Abrogail II, at least 11 inches by 17 inches in size, prominently in the building’s entrance.
The dottari rewards those who deliver unharmed feral dogs of 50 pounds or more with one silver piece.
Wearing fine embroidered clothing without the city’s permission is banned, except for agents of House Thrune or the church of Asmodeus.
Spilled grain must be cleaned and repackaged within an hour or face a fine of one copper piece per grain.
Drinking tea after curfew results in a fine of 10 gold pieces or incarceration.
Owning or consuming confections or beverages containing mint results in a fine of 20 gold pieces or incarceration.
Kintargo’s bustling riverside docks export salt, seafood, and silver.

With the onset of martial law, Kintargo’s many organizations and factions find themselves in a state of flux.

Church of Asmodeus
The state church of Kintargo is led by the unpopular Corinstian Grivenner.

Court of Coin
The eight noble families of the Court of Coin, once treated as trusted advisers, are now largely ignored by Lord-Mayor Thrune.

Aulamaxa family
Aulorian family
Delronge family
Jarvis family
Jhaltero family
Sarini family
Tanessen family
Vashnarstill family
Of the eight families, three are openly loyal to House Thrune: Delronge, Sarini, and Tanessen.


A member of the Kintargan dottari.
Lord-Mayor Thrune appointed Duxotas Vannases Trex to lead the city’s dottari and aggressively enforce his rule.

Order of the Rack
With the installation of martial law, the city hired a group of Hellknights from the insurrection-quashing Order of the Rack led by Paralictor Kyrre Ekodyre.

Order of the Torrent
The city is also the only home of the otherwise nomadic manhunters of the Hellknight Order of the Torrent.21 Its leader, Lictor Octavio Sabinus, is reportedly missing.

Silver Ravens
With the Rose of Kintargo and Sacred Order of Archivists, the Silver Ravens were among the city’s organized dissidents destroyed by House Thrune after the installation of martial law. Some of its ranking members were publicly executed after the declaration of martial law.

Other factions
The Bellflower Network is rumored to operate out of Kintargo. It was targeted during the Night of Ashes.
The city’s guard promoted the loyalist Chelish Citizens’ Group to a town militia.
The Red Jills and River Talons are Kintargo’s most organized criminal gangs.
The rebellious Rose of Kintargo cult of Milani has gone silent since the Night of Ashes.
The Iroran Sacred Order of Archivists was reportedly destroyed by House Thrune during the Night of Ashes.
Notable inhabitants
Jackdaw, a mysterious subject of folktales from the Chelish Civil War.
Jilia Bainilus, the city’s former lord-mayor, a sharp political thinker, and staunch libertarian.
Octavio Sabinus, lictor of the Hellknight Order of the Torrent.
Shensen, diva of the Kintargo Opera House and outspoken opponent of diabolism.
Strea Vestori, tiefling leader of the Cloven Hoof Society.


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