Avoiding execution seemed like a good thing...

As the tentacled mass that had been your chief tormentor rose into the air, borne by several tentacles, the guard grunted something between a scream and a laugh. An acrid smell rose, and Grigori stepped back to avoid the puddle of urine growing around the guards feet. Further down the cell block, a scream arose, sharp and plaintive. One of the other cell occupants was shrieking in an odd counter measure to the sounds coming from the creature.

The normally silk whisper Nemesis used while speaking to Lucius was gone, replaced by something the young man had never heard from the entity. Fear. “If you wish to survive the night, we need to flee, now!" it said. Before Lucius could give voice to the sarcastic reply that sprang to his lips, the guard in Grigori’s cell tried to flee.

He tried pushing past the creature, who had now risen into a vaguely upright pose, and half a dozen tentacles lashed out, binding him by limb and waist and neck. The guard was no small man, but was lifted into the air seemingly effortlessly. Dozens of smaller appendages quested out and roamed around the guards body, then pressed through his skin and into his thrashing form. Within seconds, the body began to…deflate, as some vital essence was being drained from the guard and into the creature, which swelled in size.

No strangers to blood or violence, the men in the cells still had a breaking point. At this, they all began to struggle against the bars of their cells and scream. Grigori tried to duck around the creature and leave his cell, but found his way blocked by the horror. It seemed like they were all destined to join the no desiccated husk of the guard when a crash at the opposite end of the hallway caught their attention.

“Y Ai Bahn’oth! Bug’geb grah’n, li’hee n’gha!” shouted the smaller of the two people moving down the hallway towards the monstrosity. That one, a human male of advanced years, was shouting this stream of non-sense while the other, clad in the armor of a Hellknight was holding up a symbol of some sort. The symbol glowed with a green energy and little sparks of power shot off it it. They advanced on the creature, which recoiled and wrapped itself in its tentacles. The Knight held the symbol forth, and the pops and sparks of energy increased.

His voice echoing strangely from inside his fearsome helmet, the Knight shouted to the other man. “This isn’t going to deter the larva long, Branson. Free these ones, and lets flee!”
The older man produced a set of keys and went to Lucius’ cell door. He gave him a stern look, as if to say “I am helping you, but don’t make me regret it” and set key to lock. The cell door opened and the young man quickly exited and made his way towards the door out of the dungeons. The creature being driven back gave Grigori the opening he needed and he deftly ducked out of the cell and moved after the younger man. The old man, Branson evidently, moved to the remaining occupied cells and began to unlock them.

A cry from the Knight brought everyone’s attention back to the scene unfolding there. The symbol flashed brightly and then exploded in a burst of green light. The Knight was immediately engulfed in the creature. A shriek from the thing sent every man in the hallway to his knees, except the Knight who stood tall. The monster sloughed off his armor and slid back wards. Lucius was about to raise a cheer for the Hellknight, when the man turned and fled. The former prisoners looked confusedly at one another.

Despite his heavy armor the Knight ran quickly down the hallway, screaming to the men at the end to flee. He was thrown forward a second later by an eruption of flailing tentacles from the monster. It swelled in size to fill the entire hallway. Branson added his cry to the Knights, and he pushed everyone towards the exit.



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