Lucius Snow

Harboring the embodiment of Hatred





Lucius’ hair is mid length and typically swept back. He does his best to dress in attire fitting a man with a scholarship at House Leroung, or at least formally of the school. Lucius’ sense of humor has become dry and sarcastic since the incident, his smiles seem forced, and his laugh rarely holds heart.

“I killed them. I killed all of them.”

Lucius Snow stood in the center of the room, clothes messy and ripped, a tired look in his eyes. The pair of guards finally let their eyes move from Snow to the room around him to see the bodies of his classmates littering the floor. The bodies were torn apart, blood soaking nearly every inch of the room, save for a small area around Lucius.

“Lucius, what did this?” One guard asked.

“I did this. I’m the one that killed them.” Was the only reply.

The guard look at him as though confused. “You expect me to believe that? There’s at least a dozen people here.” His movements became gradually less afraid as he moved toward Lucius. “Boy, you’d better tell me what happened here.”

Lucius didn’t bother to meet his gaze. “I told you, I killed-”

His statement was cut short, as a sharp punch to his gut forced him down onto one knee.

“Tell me the truth boy!”

Snow finally looked up at the guard, malice in his eyes. “You were never there for me. You never stopped them! You let them humiliate me! You let them hurt me! You’re no better than them!”

The guard’s prior caution resurfaced as he took several steps back. His eyes finally adjusted to the lack of light in the room and he wondered how he had missed the other man. The figure was as black as the shadows he stood in, seemingly radiating darkness. The man held out his open hand and a blade slowly began to manifest itself in his grip.

“What… Are you?”

“Retribution. Ready yourself worm.”

“What happened in there?”

“I guess Lucius Snow killed Alistar and his friends.”

“Lucius? How? Alone? I mean… Alistar was a bully, but… Does anyone really deserve that?”

“They don’t know anything yet. Lucius turned himself in, when the guards made it to the commons room they just found everyone dead, even the guards that showed up.”

“Alistar’s father is a Hellknight! What was he thinking?”

“No one knows. The one thing we can count on is his punishment, we know it’s going to be harsh.”


To describe me as a Hero would be far fetched, my deeds in life weren’t what led me to commit these acts in death.

Lucius Snow

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